Files Loosing Ownership after rsync

Mahesh Chandra Patil mahesh_patil_99 at
Tue Aug 20 23:58:00 EST 2002


Greetings to all.

  I am a newbie to rsync.  I have a problem,for which I could not 
find the solution in Rsync Faq o Matiq. Even google couldnt give 
any solution. So finally I am here..

Currently I am using Rsync to backup data from two different 
servers. server (a) and sserver (b).  The data from servers a & b 
is rsynce'd to my third machine (c).  I have implemented ssh.  The 
process is going fine. The data is being sysnced regularly.

the syntax i am using is "/usr/bin/rsync --stats --partial 
--progress --config=/etc/rsyncd.conf -essh -avzp 
123.456.11.22:/home/source /backup/dest"

ONly hitch is when ever the data is reaching server (c).. all the 
files are losing their ownership.  The file permissions (rwx) is 
ok.  But only the ownership is failing.

ON servers  (a) and (b)  there are various users and they are 
different on a and b  ie.. for example  the uid 501, is having 
different name on server (a) and different name on server (b).  I 
cant create same users on my server (c).

I think this will be a great problem when I try to restore the 
data back to the server, as all the ownership of the files will 

So kindly  guide me if there is any option that I am missing.

If this subject is already discussed kindly  direct me to the 

Waiting in anticipation.


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