webserver-mirroring - providing died services

Jochen Kächelin jk at linux.amsjk.de
Mon Aug 19 07:52:00 EST 2002

We have the following:

Webserver web1 with a mounted partition /dev/hda3 (/www)
and home of about 40 hosting clients


Webserver web2 with a mounted partition /dev/hda3 (/www)
and home of about 40 different hosting clients

Mirror-Server mirro mirroring both /www - directories of web1 and
web2 every night.

Everything works great.

Now we wan't to do:

When  web1  or  web2 crashes, mirror should take the identity of the
crashed server, providing httpd , ssh  and ftp services, so that out
hosting clients only have about 5 minutes offline-time.

I read something abount mounting /boot and / on different partitions
on  the  mirror  server  and  a  modified  lilo.conf  with different
root=/dev/.... definitions so that I can select on reboot.

Can somebody give me a tipp or some links to docs!
Would be great!

Jochen Kaechelin

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