rsync stops files transfert unexpectedly

Herve Verjus herve.verjus at
Sun Aug 18 04:45:01 EST 2002


i used rsync for some years ago...Well fine because i synchronize laptops 
and servers or laptops and PCs using rsync AND between both unix/linux 
machines and unix/linux filesystems. Ok.

Now, i have to synchronize files that are on unix/linux filestems AND on 
win filesystems (NTFS and FAT)...I thought: "don't worry, mounting win 
filsystems with samba and so on". Yes but...

For commodities reasons i also write scripts allowing me to backup files 
from laptop (on windows) using rsync with cygwin. 

So, the problem i have to deal with is "how can i synchronize a FAT 
partition with another remote FAT partition ?".

In all cases i done (rsync with cygwin on the local and remote machine, 
one on windows the other on linux mounting the FAT partition, both on 
linux mounting the FAT partitions (*) the following problem appears:

That seems to work properly...But unexpectedly, during files transfert, 
the rsync process stop !!!!????? I try to understand why...I read 
documentation, man pages, etc. but the problem remains.

Typical example:
rsync 2.4.6 on a linux machine (called SUDONG)...The machine on wich the 
rsync script will started.
The remote machine (called SAKRA) is another linux machine with a Samba 
server. The SAKRA FAT partition is exported via samba.

The SUDONG machine has to mount the SAKRA FAT partition using smbmount.

I want to synchronze the local FAT partition (/mnt/win/...) with 
the (remote) SAKRA FAT partition (/mnt/sakra/win/...) exported via samba.

The following script is supposed to do that.


	smbmount //sakra/win /mnt/sakra/win/home/ -o username=verjus
	smbmount //sakra/projects /mnt/sakra/win/projects/ -o 
	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/home/hv/common/ /mnt/win/home/hv/common
	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/home/hv/iup/ /mnt/win/home/hv/iup
	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/home/hv/llp/ /mnt/win/home/hv/llp
	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/home/hv/home/ /mnt/win/home/hv/home
	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/home/hv/univ-savoie/ /mnt/win/home/hv/univ-savoie
#	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/home/Profiles/ /mnt/win/home/Profiles
	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/home/httpd/ /mnt/win/home/httpd
	rsync -e ssh -rvtg --delete --progress --stats /mnt/sakra/win/projects/ /mnt/win/projects

smbumount /mnt/sakra/win/home
smbumount /mnt/sakra/win/projects

# End of the file

For each rsync command line, the files transfert stops. I have to press 
CTR+C to cancel the current synchronization (that starts the following 
rsync command line).

(*) The remote partition is mounted localy (i.e. on the machine on wich 
the rsync process is started) with samba or "net use" windows shell 

Then, the question is...What is the problem ? Is the FAT partition the 
problem (rsync is not well adapted for this case (?) Or ????).

Another point: all things are ok if i synchronize the SAKRA machine with a 
Solaris server (in this case, the local FAT partition is synchronized with 
a unix partition mouted via NFS)

Thank's for your answer... 


PS: as you see, there are several rsync command lines because the amount 
of files is about 10,000 and as the problem appeared, i decomposed one 
rsync command in several (but without positive effect on the problem)
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