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It's in your interactive search path.  rsh algsolsrv which rsync, and 
you'll get something like "no biteme in /bin /usr/bin".  rsh is not a 
login session, and thus doesn't run your initialization scripts.
You can probably add the path containing rsync to the global environment, 
but it's be less disruptive to link rsync somewhere in the path, and less 
yet to use the --rsync-path= paramater to just tell rsync which rsync to 
use on the remote end.  That can also guard you against someone sticking a 
different version earlier in your path.

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08/16/2002 10:46 AM
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I'm new to this list also I'm new to rsync.
I'm looking to get working rsync on my server to synchronize updating
rbl dns table.
For testing, I installed rsync on two sun boxes running solaris 8,
also on those boxes I'm running sshd2 ver.3.1.
Also I setup rshell an both and is working.
rsync is in search path.
When I tried to copy (update) files, I'm getting error messages:

# rsync /inet/gniadej/*.lst algsolsrv:inet/home/gniadej/
ksh: rsync:  not found
unexpected EOF in read_timeout

Probably I'm missing something??..

Any help will be appreciate


Best regards,
 Jozef                          mailto:gniadej at

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