performance problems while building the filelist...

Scheufen Stephan S.Scheufen at
Fri Aug 16 01:10:00 EST 2002

Hello Rsync PRO´s,

i´m satisfied with the rsync features...never seen a better replication tool....!! ;-)

But i have some problems...:-(
OK, here me installation:
- one Compac Proliant ML370 with cached SCSI HDDs and 1,2GHz and 1gb RAM...
on this machine we have the Rsync deamon runnig to export the data we want to replicate
- now we have 68 other NAS machines in our branch offices and this NAS machines are connecting to the ProLiant server to replicate the date it holds
- approx. amount of files on the Proliant server = 26000 Files (~6gb)

Here´s the problem:
- the Proliant server HDDs are overloaded when more than 3 NAS machines creating the filelists before they start to replicate.
- if all 68 machines are connecting it takes 4 hours (!) before all machines got their filelists and start to replicate :-(

possible solutions (except upgrading the cache memory of the HDD controller)???
has somebody a idea?
can we precompile the filelist and hold it somewhere?
what else can we do....?

i have no idea anymore but:
i would like to thank you already for helpfull hints and tips!!

greetings from germany

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