How to rsync selective subdirectories

Pepijn Palmans pepijn at
Sun Aug 11 22:39:00 EST 2002

for i in `ls .` do; rsync -e ssh ./$i/toid user at host:dir; done

I had some problems with using --include and --exclude to skip different
directories and include others when I had a huge number of subdirectories.
It always seems like the rsync actually searches trough those exluded
directories just to exclude them in stead of denying them from the

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On Mon, 12 Aug 2002, Nitin Agarwal wrote:

> Hi
> My directory structure is something like following:
> List of files in  /abc/dir/
>         20020811
>         20020812
>         20020814
>         20020815
> (where directory name above is the date, and daily changes i.e.
> directories are added and deleted)
> list of files in /abc/dir/20020811
>         toid
>         toil
>         etd
>         dt
> (all the date directories contain the directories as above and there are
> many subdirectories in the aboce directories)
> I want to rsync all the dates directories but only the "toid"
> subdirectory.
> MY QUESTION IS: How can i rsync only the selected subdirectories?
> Please help in this matter...
> Thanks
> Nitin
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