Mirroring 2 IDE Drive Linux

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I gave sample code in an earlier reply, but forgot to mention the obvious. 
 At least the destination disk doesn't have any rw mounted partitions, 
does it?
That'll crash you.  Having the source disk containing rw mounted 
filesystems will just give you invalid data on the destination.
To do the copy
init s
kill anything that's holding non / mounts
mount -o ro -o remount /
that should switch you back to only root mounted, readonly.
If dd is on another partition (some make /usr seperate, and some have dd 
there, instead of /bin), you'll have to copy it to / before unmounting 
that partition.
If any hdaanything is there besides /, or / is not readonly, look again 
for processes holding mounts.
now, try your dd.
If you can't get it down to this state, download one of the single-floppy 
rescue-type distributions, boot to that, and do the dd.

I don't have a usenet feed handy, so I can't tell you what the appropriate 
newsgroup would be for this question.

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We tried dd but it kept crashing and I had to reboot, I forget the error 
tried it twice and both times the system locked up and required rebooting.
Any ideas on this.
Using dd what commands would you recommend ?
I have hda1 (primary) and hdb1 (secondary)
Could you let me know the exact commands to use dd ?
Maybe we are trying to send too much at one time, thesse are both 40GB 
drive. Redhat 7.1
Thanks for any help.

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You probably want to use 'dd' rather than 'rsync' for something like this.
It'll be much easier.


On Tue, Aug 06, 2002 at 05:01:40PM -0400, Danny wrote:
> From: "Danny" <danny at ocsonline.com>
> I have 2 drives in a Linux 7.1 server , 1 primary and 1 secondary. I am
trying to clone to the secondary slave drive and be take the primary out 
change the slave to primary and boot from it. The problem I am having is
that it the copied drive will not boot, It is not getting the lilo boot 
config properly. When I try to boot the copied drive , it boots to a Blank
screen with an "L" in the upper left hand corner.
> Can anyone tell me the proper commands to run with rsync to mirror from
primary to secondary and boot with the copied drive properly with Redhat 
> If not what other solution would you recommend.
> Thanks
> Sysadmin at ocsonline.cmo
> Danny

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