superlifter design notes and a new proposal

Cliff L. Biffle cbiffle at
Tue Aug 6 01:42:01 EST 2002

On Monday 05 August 2002 09:45 pm, Martin Pool wrote:
> One interesting idea, further down the track, would be to introduce a
> virtual filesystem layer into rsync 3, similar to that in Samba, so
> that all disk IO goes through a function-table layer.
> You could then write a filesystem layer that, rather than talking to
> the native filesystem, talks to some kind of database.  This would be
> very nice for a backup server for a couple of reasons.  (It could be a
> Sleepycat DB or SQL or whatever.)

Not to needlessly connect threads, but I'm likely to wind up doing something 
very similar to this for the palm-rsync package (which I've decided to go 
ahead on, basing the Un*x sources on the FreeBSD port and the Palm sources 
on...something, we'll see).  Since I'm a newcomer to this codebase and 
community, if anyone's already put thought into this I'd love to hear about 
it.  Perhaps my work can be generalized.

-Cliff L. Biffle

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