2 errors when running rsync

Michael Sharp ms at probsd.ws
Thu Aug 1 22:28:02 EST 2002

I'm kinda new to rsync, and decided to mirror openssl.org. When running
the command below, as suggested by openssl.org, I get the following..

rsync -rztpv --delete rsync://ftp.openssl.org/openssl-ftp/

I get the output:
receiving file list ... opendir(incoming): Permission denied
IO error encountered - skipping file deletion
send_files failed to open //source/openssl-engine-0.9.6d.tar.gz.asc:
Permission denied
wrote 102 bytes  read 2911 bytes  1205.20 bytes/sec
total size is 109179174  speedup is 36236.04
rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(925)

Obviously, the opendir(incoming) part is the permissions on the openssl
side, as well as the ' send_files... ' part.

The parts that concern me are (1) IO error encountered - skipping .... and
(2) rsync error: partial transfer (code 23) at main.c(925)

Leaving the --delete part off leaves me with the same output, minus (1).

However, the rsynch process * is * working.

Any ideas?

rsync version rsync-2.5.5_1


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