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Sholom Fried (Senior Sys Admin) sfried at
Thu Aug 1 07:21:22 EST 2002

>rsh is good:
>[g3p:~] smith% rsh -l a1012
>{a1012 at}
>rsync not good:

actually, "rsh" is not good enough. it's asking you for a password,
which means without user/pwd authentication it won't run.

for example, try this:
   smith% rsh -l a1012 date
do you get the date back? I didn't think so.

you need to either:
 - enable r-commands from your source host to,
   by use of /etc/hosts.equiv or .rhosts (see the man pages)
 - use rsync modules, where you can specify permissions which don't
   rely on r-command trusting.

The simplest is the first approach; if you have a home-directory (for a1012)
on, simply create a file at the base of the home-dir
called ".rhosts" with a one-line entry: the name of the source machine. 
Before trying rsync, make sure you can do an 
   "rsh -l a1012 date"

good luck!
   - Sholom Fried

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