Slow rsync

Petri Lehtonen petril at
Thu Sep 27 22:22:33 EST 2001


I use rsync (2.4.6) to mirror some directories from two servers to an
another server.

The mirroring server is RedHat 6.2 with 2.2.15 kernel.

The mirrored servers are: RedHat 6.2 with 2.2.14 kernel / RedHat 6.1
with 2.2.14 (smp).

All servers are connected to the same switch and the network is
100Mbit/s. All servers have 3Com 905 nics.

With the first mirrored server speed is okay, but the with the second
one its really slow. On average the speed is somewhere below 100kbit/s.
-W doesn't help with the speed at all, quite the opposite. Also FTP
from/to this machine is slow. However samba shares are as fast as they
are on any other server.

The file amount on this second server doesn't seem to affect the speed.
I tested it with just three files totaling about 2.5MB and it took
longer than wanted to wait.

Currently I mount the mirrored directories from the second mirrored
server with smbfs and use rsync from the mounted directories. So this
isn't a major issue to me.

I use the following options with rsync.

directly over network: rsync -auvz
from the mounted smb shares: rsync -av -W

Any ideas why there is such a huge difference on the two methods?


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