newbie: rsync and ssh and password

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For ssh you can configure the server and client side 
to accept connections directly.

E.g. for F-secure ssh

And see chapter 2.4 for different authentication mechanisms.

If you are a normal user in both machines - and 
User Public Key Authentication is allowed - 
it may be the simpliest.

The keys you generate (ssh-keygen2 ) must probably 
be entered with null passphrase.

For open-ssh the idea might be the same - even though the 
mechanisms might be different (?)

Note - the rule of thumb - the easier the connection 
opening is - the more unsecure it is.


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I've got the following command that works fine; it prompt for a password
then runs okay:

"rsync -az -e ssh

I wanted to run it as a script so put it into a file called and
chmod +x 'd it.

It runs as a script okay but still prompts for a password.

I read "man ssh" and the bit about "BatchMode" and "yes" but didn't really
follow it.

Is there quick way to implement my script please anyone ?

Many thanks,

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