Does RSYNC work over NFS?

David Bolen db3l at
Wed Sep 26 11:47:50 EST 2001

tim.conway at [tim.conway at] writes:

> consider, however, a slow pipe between systems, one or more mounting
> filesystems via nfs over a fast connection.  the lan connection to
> the nfs is negligible versus the rsync connection from server to
> server.

Oh, I'd agree with that.  But then to me you aren't running rsync 
over the NFS connection, but over the slow LAN connection.

I took the original question to mean using rsync over an NFS
connection serving as the link between source and destination (in which
case only -W makes sense), but in re-reading the subject, it's a tad 
ambiguous and could certainly include the above scenario.

-- David

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