Problem with transfering large files.

David Bolen db3l at
Fri Sep 21 06:03:04 EST 2001

I'm not Dave Dykstra [dwd at] writes:

> On September 9 Tridge submitted a fix to CVS for that problem.  See
> revision 1.25 at

I'm not sure that fixes the use of the timeout for the overall
process.  See a recent answer by me to this list in the "Feedback on
2.4.7pre1" thread, which included an older patch from last year
that I've been using since then.

The overall timeout problem is due to the parent process doing a
read_int on the child process to wait for final completion, which is 
subject to the same timeout setting as the child processes is using 
on individual I/O.  But the parent won't hear from the child until 
it's fully done.

-- David

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