rsync via ssh

Harala, Sauli sauli.harala at
Thu Sep 20 22:44:57 EST 2001


We were just today making some promising tests
with F-Secure sshd2 v 3.0 and rsync 2.4.6 
in OSF1 (Digital Unix).

The rsync+'ssh2 v2.0' server on OSF1 
were hanging - but first small tests 
did not any more show this trouble.

This hanging was most often totally 
preventing using ssh+rsync as OSF1 side server 
Visa versa (HP/UX + ssh2 v2.0 as server and the OSF1
as client) was working OK.


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>We have 2 problems with rsync over ssh that we
>haven't been able to replicate all the time.

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