permissions bug w/ --backup-dir or --backup option?

Carey Jung carey at
Thu Sep 20 06:55:08 EST 2001

> And we've done 19,658 runs so far (8/server/day), over 380 Gigs sync'd
> with an average of 44Meg(11Meg compressed) of data per run, and all of
> our backup files come across with correct owners and permissions.  Whew!
> I'd look to your filesystem first.  Do the rsync'd files (not backup-dir
> files) come across with the right permissions?

Yes, the backed up file permissions are correct.  The files that get moved
to the backup-dir are not, though.  Looking at it a littler closer, though,
I think it's just the directory permissions/ownership that are getting lost.
Permissions/ownership of individual files are preserved properly.  Here's
some further data:

Command line (running as root):
rsync -avz --timeout=0 --partial --force --ignore-errors --bwlimit=0 --stats
 -- \
numeric-ids --delete --backup --backup-dir=/archive/current/previous/server

Sample permissions in backup directory:
cd /archive/backups/current/server
ls -ld home/company
drwxrws---  24 508  company 4096 Sep 18 12:04 home/company

Sample permissions in backup-dir directory:
cd /archive/backups/previous/server
ls -ld home/company
drwxr-xr-x  6 root  root    4096 Sep 18 12:04 home/company


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