permissions bug w/ --backup-dir or --backup option?

Carey Jung carey at
Wed Sep 19 15:41:17 EST 2001

By the way, if it makes a difference, our backup-dir is on a different
partition than the destination directory.  I'm not sure if --backup
permissions/ownership are preserved properly if done on the same partition.


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> Subject: permissions bug w/ --backup-dir or --backup option?
> Running rsync 2.4.7pre1, using the --backup-dir option, I just realized
> today that file ownerships and permissions of backed up files are not
> preserved.   In other words, if rsync moves an obsolete file to the backup
> dir, it's ownership seems to revert to root:root, and permissions
> change, as
> well.  We are also using the -a (archive) option, by the way, which should
> mean "preserve everything".  This loss of ownership/permissions
> seems like a
> definite bug to me.  What do you think?
> Regards,
> Carey Jung
> IT Freedom

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