Problem with transfering large files.

Lasse Andersson lasse at
Tue Sep 18 04:03:24 EST 2001


I have some files size 400MB+ that my rsync ends on, error message is :
"Write failed: Broken pipe".

Without this "big files" everything works smoothe.

I searched to find anything about this problem but so far without any luck.

Source machine      : Solaris 8,     rsync-2.4.6
Destination machine : FreeBSD 4.1.1, rsync 2.4.6

Command run(from source machine):

rsync -vaRH --timeout=2400 --bwlimit=200 --numeric-ids --delete \
        -e 'ssh -i /root/.ssh/identity.machine -l root -C -x' \
        . copy:machine >> /var/tmp/logg 2>&1

Help apreciated.


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