rsync 246 P24, Sol2.8 - transfer interrupted (code 1)?

dennis dennis.moreno at
Tue Sep 18 02:25:49 EST 2001


I'm a new rsync user. I have two systems, A and B both with rsync
installed. I've setup rsync in daemon mode on system B and want to rsync
a directory /projects/sw/lib/ from system A to system B. My rsyncd.conf
file on system B looks like this:

        path = /projects/sw
        comment = Master Libraries

If I execute on system A:

    rsync systemB::

I can see the module [swlibrary].

I then execute this command on system A:

cd /projects/sw
    rsync -avz lib/ systemB::swlibrary/lib

When I check the directory on system B, no directories/files have been
copied to system B.
And if I check /var/adm/messages on system B, I see:

Sep 17 08:45:39 systemB rsyncd[9273]: [ID 702911] rsync to
swlibrary/lib/ from systemA (
Sep 17 08:45:39 systemB rsyncd[9273]: [ID 702911] transfer
interrupted (code 1) at main.c(398)

Can anyone explain what this is telling me?


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