max file size?

Robert Andersson robert at
Sat Sep 15 03:18:32 EST 2001

hi all!

i want to use rsync, over ssh, to backup a couple of ibm thinkpads
running win2k. on the server side i got an e450 running solaris
8. though, having read the rsync docs, faqs etc i can't seem to find
how to exclude files larger than xMB?

my second question is that i on the server want to limit the backup
user to only one command by pytting it in the ssh authorized_keys
file, so what command is issued on this side? nb. i am not running a
rsync daemon.

third and last question --being a total newbie to win2k i wonder if
it's just enough to backup C:\Documents and settings folder? i would
appreciate some hints :)

thank you,

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