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When you are issuing the rsync command "rsync my-global-ip-address::ftp/* " do not add /* to the rsync share name, you have already specified the share and the dir it use on the machine with the rsyncd.conf file.
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  I am trying to set up an rsync server on windows 2000 and red hat linux 7.1, but unsuccesfully. I haven't been able to find detailed information in the man pages about this issue, which makes it quite hard to figure out. So far I have set up an ftp server and a http server, which I guess would be required for rsync to transfer the files through. Secondly I have created the required files: rsyncd.conf, rsyncd.motd, rsyncd.secrets, rsyncd.log, rsync.lock and Rsyncd.conf looks like this:

  motd file = /etc/rsyncd.motd
  log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log
  pid file = /var/run/
  lock file = /var/run/rsync.lock

     path = /
     comment = D drive
     uid = nobody
     gid = nobody
     read only = no
     list = yes
     auth users = anonymous

  When running rsync --daemon in one shell and rsync my-global-ip-address:: in another I receive the welcome message and the ftp module to which I should be able to log into. But when issuing this command rsync my-global-ip-address::ftp/* all I get is a hung shell. What is the solutuion to this problem? Could it be that some files are missing, or that some settings have not been set yet? This is in windows 2000. In linux I am not even able to receive the welcome message. I guess it is because the rsync daemon isn't running at all, even though I have tried to start it using rsync --daemon and through inetd. Any help is welcome.

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