opendir problem

Heinz Kahan heinzk at
Tue Sep 11 09:34:44 EST 2001

I am trying to run rsync 2.4.6 on Solaris 8 with the following command:

rsync -avr -e /usr/local/bin/ssh --rsync-path=/opt/local/rsync
remote:var/mail /tmp

I am expecting to have all files in server remote/var/mail copied to local
server /temp/var/mail

I get a message opendir(mail): Too many open files (continuous scroll on the

If I use the same command and explicitly name a file like:

remote:var/mail/filename /tmp

everything works just fine, but I have to explicitly name all files to
transfer, like the -r option does not work

I also tried:

remote:var/mail/ /tmp

This produces a readlink : No such file or directory

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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