unexpected EOF in read_timeout

Michelle Brownsworth mdb at primelogic.com
Sun Sep 9 04:40:20 EST 2001

>  >
>>  Carey,
>  > I installed the 2.4.7pre1 release with high hopes, but here's the result:
>>  ...
>I'm just a clueless rsync user, really, so I'm not sure what your problem
>is.  Did you upgrade rsync on both ends of the connection?

Yes.  It's very puzzling, because the two machines are nearly 
identical - both running FreeBSD 4.3-RELEASE, both are using the same 
default ssh provided with the distribution, and both are now using 
rsync 2.4.7pre1.  The machines are on the same network, connected 
with 100-Base NICs to a managed switch.  It should work to beat the 
band, and was - for a while.  I theorized that the large Apache log 
files were causing it to choke, but it seems to have no problem with 
some large MySQL files.  What in blazes could be causing this 
"unexpected EOF in read_timeout" error?  Can the supernatural somehow 
be coming into play here?

Fresh out of ideas,
Michelle Brownsworth
System Administrator
PrimeLogic Communications

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