RSync on NT

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I wanted to sync up the directory C:\Data on workstation A to C:\Data on
workstation B.

I first installed CygWin to C:\UAppl\CygWin on both NT workstations and
then I setup RSync to run as a service on workstation A by following the
procedure documented on the RSync web page

Then I simply started a Cygwin session and at the command prompt, I started
RSync with this:

./bin/rsync.exe --compress --verbose --stats --archive --one-file-system
--delete --rsync-path="/cygdrive/c/UAppl/CygWin/bin/rsync.exe" A::Data

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I'm interested in knowing.  Please share.

How did you get it running as a service - use srvany or other method?

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Please disregard my previous posting.  I figured out what I was doing

Dan Botz
Cummins Power Generation

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I've been struggling to get RSync to work between two NT workstations (I'll

call them A and B).  I've got Cygwin installed on both and RSync running as

a service on machine A.  I want to replicate some files on machine A to
machine B.  I issue the RSync command on machine B and here is what I

(Issued on machine B):
rsync.exe --verbose --stats --archive --delete --rsync-path
="/cygdrive/c/bin/rsync.exe" A:/cygdrive/c/dirA /cygdrive/c/dirB

read error: Connection reset by peer

Can anybody tell me how to fix this?

Dan Botz
Cummins Power Generation

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