rsync groups in modules

Holstein, Brian bholstei at
Thu Sep 6 21:03:32 EST 2001

When rsync'ing to a module with rsync -a I have a file appear with the proper
owner, but not the proper group set. Below is the module, is it functionally possible
to hard set the group like the user while still using the -a flag with rsync.

max connections = 25
timeout = 600
secrets file = /etc/rsyncd.secrets
lock file = /var/tmp/rsyncd.lock
list = yes

        comment = Release node for prod
        path = /unique/apps/par
        read only = no
        hosts allow = qa1 qa2
        auth users = bholstei
        uid = feprod
        gid = pardev

I'm trying

rsync --rsync-path=/usr/local/bin/rsync -a /tmp/foo prod1::release/foo2

I'm transferring the file as uid=bholstei gid=op_sysad and
what I get is a file that looks like
-rw-r--r--   1 feprod   op_sysad       15 Sep  4 16:20 foo2


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