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"rsync -avp host::module/ ." - Simple commandline - here's what it says:

recursively copy the contents of host::module into the current directory, copy symbolic links, copy permissions, copy timestamps, copy group ownership, copy user ownership, copy device files.  be verbose, and copy permissions.  the copy permissions
duplication was intentional, as it's also in the options.

If, in fact, you want to create ./module, you need this: "rsync -avp host::module ."  The / at the end of the source says to use the contents of the source, not the source itself - a subtle but important difference.

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if i do an rsync to the current directory, how come the parent directory
isn't created?

I normally just get my files spewed into the current directory,
eventhough I am trying to transfer a directory.

Something like this

rsync -avp host::module/ .

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