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Fri Oct 26 01:02:39 EST 2001

>As operation to desire
>1 Mirroring of both directions can be performed.
If you mirror both directions, which change takes precedence?  example:
Host a, modifies /foo/bar.  Host b does as well.  you mirror both ways, now, which version do we have?
>2 File deleted by hostA (hostB)  It is deleted also by hostB(hostA).
This is unclear.  if you mean deleting the file on hostA, then rsyncing to hostB will delete the file on hostB, you're right.
if you mean deleting the file on hostB gets it deleted from hostA, how do we know which to do?  copy the file from A to B, or delete it from A? (see #1 above)
>3 File created by hostA   It can update also by hostB.
see #1 above, again.

There's a product called Unison.  I don't use it, and can't help you set it up, but it actually does somehow try to keep this sort of stuff straight.  It must keep a database of the contents of both filesystems, in order to resolve conflicts.
It actually sounds like your need is for a distributed filesystem, though... maybe coda (no useful knowledge about that one, either.  I know dce/dfs, but that's not free, and not widely available)?

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