Using rsync to mirror a hard drive.

Ben Ricker bricker at
Tue Oct 23 04:16:24 EST 2001

Cannot answer your other problems, but I find that the
'--exclude-from=foo' where 'foo' is a file with the following:


That does the trick for me skipping other directories. You can also test
your rsync scripts to make sure they are excluding correctly by tacking
'n' on the end of the parameters for 'dry run'. It will show you all the
files it will sync.

Ben Ricker
System Administrator

On Mon, 2001-10-22 at 12:37, Thaddeus L. Olczyk wrote:

> One of the problems that I get ( which I'm not yet seriously tackling
> until the hanging problem is solved ) is that rsync complains that
> it can't open a whole set of files /proc/xxx . Which in some sense
> is OK since find does the same thing, but I've tried various form
> of excludes:
> rsync -avv --exclude=/proc /  /mirror
> rsync -avv --exclude=/proc/ /  /mirror
> rsync -avv --exclude="/proc" /  /mirror
> rsync -avv --exclude="/proc/" /  /mirror
> rsync -avv --exclude=proc/ /  /mirror
> rsync -avv --exclude="proc/" /  /mirror
> and they all generate the errors about reading files of type /proc/xxx
> .

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