rsync on cygwin: Connection reset by peer

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Tue Oct 23 00:19:20 EST 2001

On Sat, Oct 20, 2001 at 08:32:22AM +0100, David Starks-Browning wrote:
> On Friday 19 Oct 01, Jake Repp writes:
> > I have been trying to get rsync running correctly on cygwin for the past
> > couple of days. 
> Have you used the version of rsync that is shipped with Cygwin?
> Or are you trying to run it as a daemon?  I don't think anyone has got
> that working.  Would be great if you could, but that's probably a
> cygwin problem, not a rsync problem.

No, I was pretty sure that people had run the cygwin rsync in daemon mode,
and since last week I got ssh access to a W2K machine running cygwin I
just tried it out.  It does work, at least on the simple example I used.
I was surprised that I didn't even need to use "use chroot = no" because
I thought people had earlier reported that that was needed.  My rsyncd.conf
contains only:
        path = /path/to/a/directory

- Dave Dykstra

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