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Ah... there's your answer.  ssh is working fine, as you say, but you're invoking rsync without telling it to user ssh, so it's using rsh.  If you've got this, you don't need rsyncd.conf.  The syntax you're using tells rsync to use an external transport.
rsync -e ssh file rmt_host:/tmp

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I need to use rsync to copy /thirdparty/dynamo/web on
host a to /thirdparty/dynamo/web on host b. Could
anyone help me how to setup the rsyncd.conf file for
this, do I really need to use rsync.conf.
I ran ssh to the remote server, the shell is clean but
when I tried the following command it gives error

ssh rmt_host date (it displays date on the remote

rsync file rmt_host:/tmp

gives following error:
Failed to exec remsh :permission denied
unexpected EOF in read_timeout

I know remsh is used for unsecured hosts using .rhosts
that means some where we need to tell rsync to look
for ssh not rsh but I don't know where to look. Please
--- Raj <rgoud at> wrote:
> Hi! List,
> I installed rsync, configured ssh. I need help in
> configuring rsyncd.conf. Could anyone email me a
> sample of rsyncd.conf under /etc.
> Thanks in advance
> Raj
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