Chao,Eisen R. Eisen.Chao at cna.com
Fri Oct 19 09:52:29 EST 2001

Hi Folks,

I'm running rsync between an NT client and a Solaris 7 Server (Ver 2.4.6).

I'd like to be able to exclude the following directory:


but retrieve


My setup is:

	rsync -av -p -e rsync at server1.cna.com:/opt/IBMHTTPDLOG/

	rsync --daemon --exclude-from=/etc/rsync.exclude

What I get is *everything* including the contents of the dir ./archivelogs.
What is the proper syntax ? I've tried setting up my entry in rsync.exclude


I've also tried setting the server-side rsync daemon as --exclude
<blah-blah> to no avail.

Thanks in advance,

Eisen Chao
CNA Insurance

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