rsync binary for ncr mp ras svr4

Dave Dykstra dwd at
Fri Oct 12 23:29:57 EST 2001

One of the binary types I support for my company is SVR4 on Intel, and even
though I compile it on Unixware (1.1.2 currently) it runs on NCR MP RAS.
I also make the binaries available on the internet, which you can get along
with many other tools from

You can even get automatic updates if you like using my "Not-So-Bad-
Distribution" program.  I use that as the basis of the distribution system
we use to send lots of binaries to approximately 10,000 Unix users inside

I also copy several of the rsync binary types to

but the Intel SVR4 type is one I don't bother to copy because it appears
to be such a rarely used type.  I could easily add it to my upload script
though if anybody requests it.

- Dave Dykstra

On Fri, Oct 12, 2001 at 02:03:38PM +0100, Feroz F. Basir wrote:
> Hi again,
> Thank you for those who reply. i have a good news. I
> solved my problem last nite. after many hours going
> through mailing list archive and documentation i just
> realise that i forgot to include the --rsync-path and
> rsync binary on other machine. everything run as
> normal now. 
> And for your information i compiled the rsync using
> ncr compiler. before when i received the error message
> i thought i compiled it in a wrong way or something.
> actually it's not. so im very happy now. 
> thanks again. you are right sauli, i need to include
> extra option and rsync binary on other machine to get
> it to work.
> regards,
> feroz

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