Confused by modules

Paul Donovan pauld at
Fri Oct 12 18:37:18 EST 2001


I'm confused as to the purpose of rsync modules.  I know how to set them up
in rsyncd.conf, and can list the available modules on a remote linux machine
using 'rsync camlinux01::' from a Win32 client, but I can't find any
information on what they are actually for.

The man page for rsyncd.conf talks about them as if they are vitaly
important, but the man page for rsync doesn't mention them anywhere other
than the part about how to list them on a remote machine. I'd like to be
able to set up a module such as:

    path = /rsynctest/tlibs
    comment = Latest SCEI libraries and tools

and then be able to get the full hierarchy of folders and files inside the
/rsynctest/tlibs folder.  I can get them by doing 'rsync -acvzP -e ssh
root at camlinux01:/rsynctest/tlibs .' , but that means I have to know the
specific directory.  How do I say that I want the [tlibs] module without
knowing the path?

My apologies if I've missed anything obvious.


Paul Donovan
Senior Programmer
SCEE Cambridge

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