rsync copy speed.

Hans E. Kristiansen hans at
Thu Oct 11 19:09:29 EST 2001

Thanks for the replies,

I'll test proposed methods, and I'll let you know how it went.

ftp is also a very useful thing to try for the full backup....

Hans E.

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> On Wed, 10 Oct 2001, Andre Pang wrote:
> > ssh is your problem
> I believe Hans said that he only uses ssh to startup the samba-using
> process going, and then transfers all files "locally" with rsync.  So,
> the problem is that samba is doing all the data transfer over the
> network instead of rsync.
> So Hans, if you're updating files on the destination drive (as opposed
> to copying them whole onto an empty drive), a much better solution
> would be to startup an rsync server (in read-only mode) on the Win98
> machine for the duration of the backup.  This allows rsync to optimize
> the data transfer.  If you're copying files into an empty destination
> drive, you might try using a recursive ftp grab or maybe using
> something like this:
>  cd /path
>  tar cf - . | gzip | ssh backup '(cd /backup/path; gunzip | tar xpf -)'
> I know there are tar and gzip utilities available for Win98.
> ..wayne..

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