Using rsync 2.3.1, individual file size limitation...

Andre Quintana andre at
Thu Oct 11 16:04:13 EST 2001

Dear Folks,

Our Company VESTEK have been using "rsync" for the
past 4 months.  As of today, it was pointed out that any
file larger then 2,147,483,647kb (to be specific) could not
be rsynced.  We found too that this message in our com-
mon output file showed up:

send_files failed to open .../data1/
Value too large for defined data type

First thing that came to mind when brought to our attention
was, did we overlook the file size limitation on the man page
for rsync?

Anyway, if one of you folks can respond to helping us
out in letting us know if there is a fix to this.  As I can see
an upgrade of the "rsync" program to 2.4.6 may hopefully
resolve this problem.

Now that brings another question in mind, what is the
limitation of a file?  I just learned we have a file thats as
large as 5.7gb.  Can rsync handle that?


Andre' Quintana
Server Operations Manager
Vestek System, Inc.
388 Market Street, Suite 700
San Francisco, CA 94111
(415) 3989-6340 x143

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