Rsync Throughput issues

meg meg at
Thu Oct 11 07:37:53 EST 2001

Yes, built.  Compiled with specific options.  Do you have any 
questions about building on AIX?  (again, I mention 4.1.5 and Apple 
hardware because it is older and different, but it should be easier 
on your newer, standard boxes)

Your I/O wait was on the box being read from or written to?  How are 
you viewing the wait (something like monitor or top?)?  Is one of the 
boxes running rsync as a deamon?  Do you experience the drag on any 
read/write or only the large files you mention (or only on specific 
files)?  You mentioned ftp at some point, yes?  Was there a 
performance hit for that service as well?  Did you try the -u flag? 
Do you have space to try the sync locally (take out the network and 
second host variables in order to narrow down the troubleshooting)?

Again, let us know if you have questions specific to the tasks on AIX 
and good luck.

At 3:10 PM -0500 10/9/01, Ben Ricker wrote:
>On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 14:51, meg wrote:
>>  we use rsync on aix 4.1.5 (apple hardware).  it builds very easily.
>>  do you have specific questions?
>>  goodluck!
>We are running on an RS6000 (H80 with single CPU and 1gb memory). We are
>also running a rather large Oracle database on it. I noticed that when
>rsync was running, there was a considerable I/O wait (at one point, it
>was at 98%!). We installed Rsync from a binary dist, not compiled. I
>assume by your use of "build" that you compiled from source?
>Ben Ricker
>System Administrator

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