rsync copy speed.

Hans E. Kristiansen hans at
Wed Oct 10 20:53:01 EST 2001

Quick question(s)

I am trying to improve the speed for an rsync backup. At the moment, we have
workstations running windows 98 and I have a Linux 2.2.19 server who
accesses the client disks using samba to take the backup. rsync is running
in local mode, e.g. accesses directories only. Each client uses ssh to start
a server script in their home directories, which in turn mounts the client
drive to perform the actual backup.

The backup is done to a rather large local drive on the server, such that
the user can have up to two weeks of full and incremental backup using a RO
samba mounted directory. This works like charm, except that each Monday, the
system will take a full backup of the client data ( which is Identities and
"My Documents" ), but the data rate is rather low ( 600Kbyte+ ) on a full
duplex 100Mbits network ( no other traffic ).

On other days, I use rsync -avW, ( which is marginally better than -av ),
together with a --compare-dest to the Monday backup, as to limit the number
of files selected for backup.

Of course, ftp is fast, real fast. So is xcopy from the client to a samba
mounted server ( when smb debugging is disabled ).

Any hints?

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