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Hans E. Kristiansen hans at
Wed Oct 10 20:39:05 EST 2001

I have had the same problem, but I was using the 2.4.8 kernel  ( in a
production environment ). I reverted back to 2.2.19, with no changes.

I believe that the problem in my case was the 3COM drivers, 3c90x. I have
now changed the driver to the 3C59x, which seems to work fine.

Although the symptoms are similar, I had problems with the transfer
deteriorated over time. I use rsync to take client backup from windows
software to a local server, using samba mounts. The backup is then written
to tape. Real nice solution and all, when it works.

Hans E.

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Subject: Slow rsync

> Hi,
> I use rsync (2.4.6) to mirror some directories from two servers to an
> another server.
> The mirroring server is RedHat 6.2 with 2.2.15 kernel.
> The mirrored servers are: RedHat 6.2 with 2.2.14 kernel / RedHat 6.1
> with 2.2.14 (smp).
> All servers are connected to the same switch and the network is
> 100Mbit/s. All servers have 3Com 905 nics.
> With the first mirrored server speed is okay, but the with the second
> one its really slow. On average the speed is somewhere below 100kbit/s.
> -W doesn't help with the speed at all, quite the opposite. Also FTP
> from/to this machine is slow. However samba shares are as fast as they
> are on any other server.
> The file amount on this second server doesn't seem to affect the speed.
> I tested it with just three files totaling about 2.5MB and it took
> longer than wanted to wait.
> Currently I mount the mirrored directories from the second mirrored
> server with smbfs and use rsync from the mounted directories. So this
> isn't a major issue to me.
> I use the following options with rsync.
> directly over network: rsync -auvz
> from the mounted smb shares: rsync -av -W
> Any ideas why there is such a huge difference on the two methods?
> --petri--

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