Rsync Throughput issues

Ben Ricker rickerb at
Wed Oct 10 06:10:41 EST 2001

On Tue, 2001-10-09 at 14:51, meg wrote:
> we use rsync on aix 4.1.5 (apple hardware).  it builds very easily. 
> do you have specific questions?
> goodluck!

We are running on an RS6000 (H80 with single CPU and 1gb memory). We are
also running a rather large Oracle database on it. I noticed that when
rsync was running, there was a considerable I/O wait (at one point, it
was at 98%!). We installed Rsync from a binary dist, not compiled. I
assume by your use of "build" that you compiled from source?

Ben Ricker
System Administrator

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