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Cameron Simpson cs at
Tue Oct 9 13:26:43 EST 2001

On Mon, Oct 08, 2001 at 09:01:18PM -0600, Eric Whiting <ewhiting at> wrote:
| I'd like to have that feature available.
| Martin Pool wrote:
| > > i didn't see that there was a way to tell rsync to change ownership and
| > > group assignment on all files transferred to a specific user.  meaning
| > > "transfer all these files to this remote machine and then chown them to
| > > 'doug', no matter who owns them here on the local machine".
| > >
| > > i need this, so i added this feature in my local tree.  seems to work
| > > ok on Solaris and Mac OS X.  the code was good and easy to modify (yay).
| > 
| > You might as well send the patch through to the list.  Please send it
| > in context diff format (-c).
| > 
| > Does anybody else want this or want it not to go in?

Hmm. If you have chown permission at all the you're probably root. So
doesn't setting RSYNC_RSH to "ssh -o 'User doug'" do this in many
cases? And using --rsync-path='su doug -c rsync' do some others?

Just a quick poll from those wanting the sync-then-chown mode: what
about sync-then-chgrp (which I'd advocate be done via ssh or su as above
or via setgid directories), sync-then-chmod (eg to make a mirror rsync
publicly readable) or any other arbitrary post-sync action?

Bearing in mind, o those-wanting-chown-and-chgrp, that for myself, were
I to want this, I'd perhaps only want chown and not chgrp (I don't mean
to lack one feature, I mean only using one feature).
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