new rsync feature

Doug doug at
Tue Oct 9 04:50:18 EST 2001

hi all, 

i'm new to rsync (and open source) and hope this is the right forum.
if not please redirect me.


i didn't see that there was a way to tell rsync to change ownership and
group assignment on all files transferred to a specific user.  meaning
"transfer all these files to this remote machine and then chown them to
'doug', no matter who owns them here on the local machine".

i need this, so i added this feature in my local tree.  seems to work
ok on Solaris and Mac OS X.  the code was good and easy to modify (yay).

the relevant usage lines are now:

   -o, --owner                 preserve owner (root only)
   -o, --owner=OWNER           specify owner (root only)
   -g, --group                 preserve group
   -g, --group=GROUP           specify group

now i have three questions:

1. is this something folks would be interested in adding to rsync?

2. if so, how would i go about adding my patch to the Source?

3. with my changes, the feature works locally but not remotely.
   in options.c:server_options(), i've added code to pass args on to the
   server, but i don't think i'm doing it correctly.  if anyone would
   be willing to take my patch and see what they think is happening,
   id' be grateful.


-- doug mcbride

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