rsync between solaris 7 and nt 4.0

Narendra Poflee npoflee at
Fri Oct 5 06:14:41 EST 2001

I have a rsync daemon running on a solaris 7 server. I have installed the
latest cygwin from and the associated rsync binary on a nt
4.0 workstation.  On the nt machine, I am not running the rsync in daemon
Working from the bash shell of cygwin, I was able to rsync to the solaris
server. However, when trying to 
rsync from solaris to the nt box, I get a "connection refused" error
followed by "unexpected EOF in read_timeout". 

The rsync may not be working because when I issue rsh command from solaris
to nt box, I get a connection refused error. 

What do I have to do get the rsh on cygwin or winnt's native rsh to respond
to a connection request?


--narendra poflee

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