optimization for rsync

Dave Dykstra dwd at bell-labs.com
Thu Oct 4 04:55:22 EST 2001

On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 11:50:07AM -0700, Jason Helfman wrote:
> What flags or options could be used to optimize rsync? I have seen a
> huge amount of cpu and memory be used in this process we have.
> I think using the --delete function is a lot of overhead.
> The options we normally use are -avrpg
> I would like to reduce all unnecessary processing and overhead.

If you're using too much memory, you probably need to break up the transfer
into smaller pieces.  Rsync currently keeps some memory for every file it
visits in a run.

If you have a high speed network and are willing to trade decreased cpu
usage and disk access for higher network usage, use -W.  That disables the
rsync algorithm of rolling checksums to send only pieces of files that have

- Dave Dykstra

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