Cannot compile Rsync under the latest version of Rsync

BOLLERUD,CHRIS W (HP-MountainView,ex1) chris_bollerud at
Wed Oct 3 13:17:46 EST 2001

It appears that Cygwin has changed in the last month or two such that the
Rsync configure script is not able to correctly identify options.

It is possible to follow the errors and to make adjustments to the header
files to get a compile, however I'm hoping for a simpler option.

Below is the output of the first compiler error.

gcc -I. -I. -O -c rsync.c -o rsync.o
In file included from /usr/include/unistd.h:7,
                 from rsync.h:87,
                 from rsync.c:23:
/usr/include/getopt.h:41: redefinition of `struct option'
/usr/include/getopt.h:56: conflicting types for `getopt_long'
lib/getopt.h:107: previous declaration of `getopt_long'
make: *** [rsync.o] Error 1

Has anyone else run into this or found a reasonable workaround.

Chris Bollerud

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