rsync hanging at end of transfer

Charles Sprickman spork at
Tue Oct 2 09:21:37 EST 2001


I've just started playing around with rsync (latest - 2.4.6) over ssh
(openssh 2.9p2) on FreeBSD to sync up home directories on a pair of web

It all works great, but in trying to get a script going out of cron to
automate this, I'm finding that there's about a 50/50 chance that at the
end of the run, rsync will hang indefinetly.  I thought perhaps it was
something with my script, but running it by hand, I'm able to duplicate
the same behaviour.

In the mailing lists I see there used to be a similar problem, but that it
was fixed.  It's always happening on the very last file on the list.

Any ideas?  What other information can I provide to track this down?



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