Rsync: Re: patch to enable faster mirroring of large filesystems

Eric Whiting ewhiting at
Thu Nov 29 16:14:36 EST 2001

Dave Dykstra wrote:
> Note that his case is rather pathological because he's got over a million
> files in only 400 directories, so he must have an average of over 2500
> files per directory, which are very large directories.  He's got about 65%
> of the files explicitly listed in his --include-from file.

I have over a million files I rsync to about a dozen locations every
day. I'm pretty sure I have more dirs, but not tons more. Most of the
locations are remote offices, but when I rsync over a local 100Mbit
segment it still takes about 2 hours just to verify the files/dirs on
both sides in a no-data-change situation.

In other words -- I'm interested in these different optimizations as

My client/servers are a solaris linux mix. I don't have the 2G of RAM on
all boxes to support a single rsync so it gets broken down into a
for-loop across some top level dirs. 


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