rsync server over SSH [includes code patches]

JD Paul jdpaul at
Wed Nov 28 03:46:33 EST 2001

Actually, my patch already has that in rsync_module():

        if (is_a_socket(f_in)) {
                addr = client_addr(f_in);
                host = client_name(f_in);
        } else {
                char *ssh_client = getenv("SSH_CLIENT");
                addr = ssh_client ? ssh_client : "n/a";
                host = "remote shell connection";

The problem is that I was only looking at string usages of SSH_CLIENT
(debugging mostly) rather than allow_access() use.  That shouldn't be
hard to fix; we just need to truncate a copy of the SSH_CLIENT string
at the first whitespace.  I'll see if I can get that into the next
version of my patch.  


On Mon, 26 Nov 2001, Martin Pool wrote:

> On 25 Nov 2001, Jeremy Hansen <jeremy at> wrote:
> > 
> > Ok, I have the patch working, things seems to work except that using hosts 
> > allow in the rsyncd.conf seems to break things.
> What an interesting bug. :-)
> The proximate connection to the rsync server will be from the sshd
> process which is running on the server host, so stdin will probably be
> a unix-domain socket.  In other words because rsync is not directly
> connected to the client, it can't use the usual mechanism to find the
> client's address.
> Perhaps we can get rsync to look at $SSH_CLIENT, which contains the
> necessary information.  We need to think carefully to make sure this
> is secure though.
> -- 
> Martin 

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