rsync server over SSH [includes code patches]

JD Paul jdpaul at
Wed Nov 28 03:39:46 EST 2001

Hi --

Sorry for the delay getting back to you; Thanksgiving holiday
intervened and I'm only now catching up on my email backlog....

1. You're entirely right about the --remote-user option.  I'll remove that.
2. I'll merge with the latest version from CVS.
3. I'll do that; I prefer -u myself. 

> That's better.  I read over the patch a little more closely this time and
> have a few more comments:
>     1. The --remote-user option is unnecessary because you can instead
> 	specify '-e "ssh -l <user>"'.
>     2. Please post the patch again against the latest development version
> 	of rsync out of CVS ( or
> 	rsync:// because that's the
> 	form it will need to be in order to get it in.  I'll test it out
> 	then and look at it closely.
>     3. Please post the next patch with GNU diff's -u option.  It's easier
> 	to read.
> - Dave Dykstra

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