password file problem.

Matt Anderson matt.anderson at
Wed Nov 28 01:28:28 EST 2001

Thanks everyone.  What a Monday I came back to after the long weekend.
If I had my head screwed on straight...  I already knew all this but forgot 
in the heat of non related issues.
Again!  Thanks!

Matt Anderson

On Monday 26 November 2001 2:53 pm, you wrote:
> Hello everyone.
> I can't seem to get the --password-file= option to work correctly.  I'm
> using ssh as the transport.  I've got the file 0600 and only the password
> with no carriage return.
> Can someone provide an example of use.  Here is my try:
> rsync -rtvvuz -e ssh --password-file=<file> /home/matt/*
> remotecomputer:/home/matt
> It still asks for a password which, if I type it manually, it then runs
> fine.
> Thanks!
> Matt Anderson

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