rsync-ing compressed archives

Mauro Condarelli mcondarelli at
Mon Nov 26 06:39:23 EST 2001

Hi there!
I'm quite happily using rsync.
There is only one case where I couldn't figure out how to use it
I sometimes have large compressed files (either .tar.gz or .zip) that
I need to keep synchronized. The exploded files are usually not
available on the machines i use for rsync (to keep everything unpacked
would mean wasting a lot of space on the server).
The problem is that even if I change slightly the content of the
archive (just add a file) the compressed form will be almost
completely different making rsync algorythm practically useless.
Is there any easy way to tell the daemon to unpack (or just
uncompress) a compressed archive before doing the matching?
The problem is not severe with .zip archives, but .gz and .bz2 are
really inefficient.

Thanks in advance for any hint

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